Beastie Boys Mike D. & Ad-Rock Talk Flunking Kool Moe Dee Rap Report Card, Grimy Chinatown Apartment & More on 'Kimmel': Watch

Mike D. Ad-Rock
Courtesy of ABC

Mike D. and Ad-Rock on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Mike D. & Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (Dec. 20) to talk about their sub-par rap rating from Kool Moe Dee, a nasty Chinatown apartment Mike shared with late bandmate Adam Yauch in the old days and an early appearance at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Kimmel opened by talking about the jam-packed Beastie Boys Book, which features everything from a short graphic novel to recipes, photos, stories and just about everything else you can imagine. One of the most unusual things included in the coffee table book is a report card that was first included in the sleeve of an album from rapper Kool Moe Dee back in the late ‘80s. Dee graded all the members of the rap community, awarding The Beastie Boys a "C," the lowest of all the grades on the list.

“He thinks we suck,” joked Ad-Rock. “It’s actually weird because we love Kool Moe Dee… It was pretty funny.”

Mike D. also chatted about living with Yauch in an asphalt-floored, rat-infested Chinatown apartment. “There was no shower, so the only way to get yourself clean was in the bathtub in the kitchen, which put you on full sort-of public display,” he shared.

Ad-Rock said that sometimes while on the phone, he would discover that Mike was standing up to get snacks out of the refrigerator while taking a bath. As all good friends do, the boys commissioned a painting that depicted the reoccurring event. “I want to say, this was a very efficient use of my time,” teased Mike.

The group also looked back on the time Yauch crashed the MTV Video Music Awards as his alter-ego during the presentation of a moonman to R.E.M. claiming, “I had all the ideas for Star Wars and everything” from the stage.

Mike D. dove further into their relationship with Yauch and how the rapper who died in 2012 at age 47 after a battle with cancer was just a bit older, but seemed like a mentor to the other Boys: “When you’re kids, like if you’re a year older, it seems like in adult years that’s like 10 years older. It was like that kind of thing, like he just was the older brother for us both," he said.

“There’s some talks for 2019,” Mike D. teased when Kimmel asked if the duo plan to stay in the public eye next year.

Watch Mike D. & Ad-Rock chat with Jimmy Kimmel below.