Watch Dave Grohl's Devil Battle Billy Crystal's God on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

They agree to disagree about the Satanic Temple's "Snaketivity."

If you haven't checked out the "Snaketivity" sculpture that's currently being displayed in the lobby of the state capital of Illinois thanks to the generosity of the Satanic Temple of Chicago, you really ought to include it in your holiday travel plans. Thanks to the First Amendment, the image of a woman holding up an apple is there for all to see in Springfield, but some religious leaders are obviously upset about the Church of Satan getting this high-visibility placement.

So, Jimmy Kimmel did what every good talk show host should do on Tuesday night's (Dec. 18) Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he called up God to see what he thinks about the controversy. He caught up with the divine -- in the form of Billy Crystal flying through the heavens wearing a backwards "God" cap while talking to Francis (Sinatra, not the Pope) -- who, as it turns out, was not aware that Chicago is not the capital of Illinois.


The Snaketivity is here! ----?? Installed by dedicated members in the Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield, IL. See how religious freedom glistens in person till Saturday, December 29th! #illinoisstatecapitol is open: M-F 7am - 6pm Weekends: 9-4pm with public tour . . Thanks to everyone for their contributions, however #snaketivity is still not fully funded. Continued contributions are welcome to our gofundme: . -- #tstchicago would love to see your pictures with the sculpture! Tag us or use #snaketivity to join in the holiday cheer! -- . . #darkart #posacosa #holidaygerry #thesatanictemplechicago #thesatantictemple #resin #lifecasting #darkartists #knowledgeisthegreatestgift #satan #chicagoactivist #holidaydisplay #springfield #snakes #apples #chicago #christmas #satanist #chicanoart #sculpture #satanicart #holidayseason2018 #chicagosouthside #hands #holidays

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"I'm telling you, Springfield is the capital of Illinois," Kimmel told God. "Not anymore it isn't!," God shot back. God then reeled off the satanic qualities of Chicago -- gangster, Al Capone, the Black Sox scandal, deep dish pizza -- but stopped short of saying that authorities should have the statue removed. "I'm fine with it, me and satan, we're cool... we made up. Hey, listen folks, if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can make up, why can't we. Boom!," God explained as he called over his pal, Beelz.

Out came Dave Grohl in full devil makeup, flicking his tongue, strumming his red electric guitar and howling "what's up!?" Turns out the pair get together once a week for some Fortnite, fantasy football and then grab some brunch. "Then we figure out who goes where," satan explained, as neither wanted to call dibs on Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

"Hail me!!!" satan yelled while hitting a devilish riff.

Watch the divine interaction below.