Braison Cyrus Bewitches 'Tonight Show' With Heartfelt 'I'll Never Leave You': Watch

Braison Cyrus
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Braison Cyrus performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 12, 2018.

Braison Cyrus — younger brother of Miley Cyrus and son of country legend Billy Ray Cyrus — captivated The Tonight Show with his debut single, “I’ll Never Leave You” on Wednesday night (Dec. 12). The performance came just two and a half weeks after the 24-year-old folk singer announced his engagement to girlfriend Stella McBride.

Model/actor Cyrus -- backed up by a pair of singers including Zack Dani from Nashville group Birdtalker -- led the song with his acoustic guitar playing and rich, emotional vocals. “Out in the country the road meets the sky,” he sang on the spare, strummy 1960s-style folk tune. “I see the driveway on the left-hand side.”  

His twangy voice became layered with warm harmonies during the chorus: “You always told me that you wanted me to go far/ Watching me leave, I know that it breaks your heart/ I’m getting older but we will stay young in my mind/ I’m going places but I'll never leave you behind.”

Watch Braison’s touching Tonight Show debut below.