Vanessa Hudgens Talks Reading Jennifer Lopez's Mind, 'Rent Live' On 'Tonight Show': Watch

Vanessa Hudgens
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Vanessa Hudgens during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 10, 2018.

Vanessa Hudgens stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday (Dec. 10) to share details on the making of Second Act, her 30th birthday party and her latest music projects.

“It’s amazing,” said Hudgens of working on Second Act with Jennifer Lopez. “It’s so crazy, because you know how beautiful she is…but then you get into a room with her and you’re like, ‘How are you still that beautiful?’ I would be staring at her and then realize I’m staring at her and be like, ‘Girl, look away, don’t be a creep right now.’”

Hudgens then recalled one specific day of filming in which Lopez seemed to signal to her that she needed to take a scene in a different direction: “Afterwards I was like, ‘Were you trying to tell me something? Were you trying to tell me this thing?’ and she was like, ‘Yes,’ and I was like, ‘I can read your mind.’”

Hudgens also shared details on her upcoming 30th birthday bash. "I had this fantasy of having a Lord of the Rings party where I’m like Galadriel with the white hair, and I’m floating into my birthday party, and there’s like a harpist playing and like elves everywhere," she said.

Hudgens next dived into the details of her recent music collaboration with electronic duo Phantoms. After running into each other at the airport, they decided to work together on a song titled “Lay With Me.” She also helped dream up the idea for their music video. “They said, ‘Well, you know, since we kind of came from the Disney and Nickelodeon community, why not do a throwback and make it feel like an old Disney Channel Movie?’ and I was like, ‘What if we make it like High School Musical?’” Hudgens explained.

The team’s video mirrors “Breaking Free” from the original movie, and Hudgens even got to show it to her former co-star Ashley Tisdale. “She’s like, ‘Why are you showing me 'Breaking Free?’ and I’m like, ‘No girl, watch.’”

Finally, Hudgens shared that while she previous played Mimi in Rent, she will be taking on the role of Maureen in FOX’s upcoming Rent: Live television production, airing on Jan. 27.

“Everyone’s really stepping into their own shoes, bringing their own selves into the characters. I feel like we’re going to do the story justice," she said.

Watch Hudgens' chat with host Jimmy Fallon below.