Kim Kardashian West Answers Three Ridiculous Questions On 'Jimmy Kimmel': Watch

Kim Kardashian West Jimmy Kimmel Live
Courtesy of ABC

Kim Kardashian West during "3 Ridiculous Questions" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kim Kardashian West visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to participate in the host's "3 Ridiculous Questions" segment on Wednesday (Dec. 4).

The skit involves Kimmel dressed as a bartender in a small, dimly-lit space where he asks three questions to the celebrity guest sitting at the bar. "This is a philosophical question," Kimmel begins. "If a selfie gets posted and no one likes it, was it ever a selfie at all?" Kardashian West confidently replies: "Absolutely. That hasn't happened to me so I have no real connection to that but I do believe that it still is a selfie."

"Of all your sisters, which of them do you think would be most likely to sue you?" he then asks Kardashian West as she sits in front of her margarita. "Kourtney, she is ruthless," she replies. After Kimmel asks if her sister has ever taken any legal action against Kardashian West, she says: "As a joke, when I used her character in a video game and I paid her so, she wanted more."

"When was the last time you spoke with a telemarketer?" Kimmel inquires. "All the time," the TV personality replies. "I block them but I think Kanye used to be a telemarketer so I try to be nice."

The two wrap up by to sharing a toast.

Watch the full skit below.