Watch Claire Foy Crush The Most Proper British Version of 'Rapper's Delight' Ever on 'Tonight Show'

Claire Foy
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Claire Foy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 29, 2018.

You might know Claire Foy as the stoic Janet Armstrong from the interstellar First Man, or as beloved punk rock hacker Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider's Web. But what you probably didn't know about the English actress is that she's also a huge old-school hip-hop fan. After Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon did his due diligence by googling his Thursday night (Nov. 29) Tonight Show guest, he found out that The Crown star is also a right proper MC.   

"I heard some weird rumor on the internet... that you know all the lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight,'" Fallon said as Foy laughed out loud and feigned horror at the scurrilous rumor. Fallon busted out a microphone and told Foy she could, of course, "always say no," but with Roots drummer Questlove queuing up the beat to the Sugarhill Gang's iconic 1979 rap standard, Foy really had no choice.    

"Oh my god!" she squealed as the whole band came in and she waited for her spot, before perfectly dropping in, right on beat. Foy will host SNL this weekend alongside musical guest Anderson .Paak.  

Check out a bit of her "Rapper's Delight" below.