Takeoff Takes Over the Galaxy with 'Last Memory' on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Takeoff performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 20, 2018.

MigosTakeoff blasted off on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (Nov. 20) with a trippy performance of “Last Memory” from his debut solo album, The Last Rocket.   

Fog flooding around his feet, the 24-year-old rapper turned toward a screen displaying a rocket countdown and, as it reached zero, the set exploded into a galaxy of stars and swirling galaxies.

“Woke up this morning can't remember nothing,” he rapped, his eyes hidden behind a pair of round, white mirrored shades and a designer jacket hanging off his body as his fat diamond chains glinted in the stage lights. “I go to space with the stars (stars)/ Might smoke a blunt with my pilot (cookie)/ Saturn, moon, Earth and mars (Mars)/ NASA takeoff with the rocket (NASA).”

A montage of spacey locations and footage of the rapper chilling with women cycled through the screen behind him as he subtly worked the stage during the slow-rolling jam.

Watch Takeoff smash The Tonight Show below.