Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks 'Mary Poppins Returns,' Epic Summer Camp Escape on 'Kimmel': Watch

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Lin-Manuel Miranda on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

In preparation for his big screen debut in Mary Poppins Returns, Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (Nov. 15) to talk about meeting the Obamas, stepping into an iconic role and relive his days as a miserable summer camp youth.

With the movie debuting on theaters Dec. 19, Miranda is definitely enjoying the fruits of nearly a year of  hard work paying off. Although the Tony-winning Broadway singer/songwriter/actor did not write any of the film's songs, he gladly slipped into the character of lamp lighter Jack and shows off his notorious dancing and singing abilities in the Disney reboot. 

"I started writing musicals because I wanted to be in musicals," he told Kimmel, who agreed that the new Mary Poppins could not have arrived at a more fitting time.    

Miranda picked up some major critical acclaim after writing and starring on the Broadway smash hit Hamilton in 2015. What most people don't know is that the massive musical actually got its start in the Obama White House.

After Kimmel mentioned how Michelle Obama praised the show in her new memoir, Becoming, as "the greatest piece of art she has ever seen," Miranda shared an anecdote about the first time he performed a piece of Hamilton as a brief poem/rap that he created exclusively for the White House's Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word in 2009. "They asked me to sing something from In The Heights, and I had 16 bars on Alexander Hamilton. I remember thinking 'if it doesn't work out in this room, I'll just throw it out." 

Kimmel then asked if the actor is already working on a new musical and Miranda assured him that he probably won't do another historical one, but is always cooking up new ideas. "I think you have a great idea but you don't know yet," Kimmel announced, reminding Miranda of an old tweet he shared of letters he wrote to his parents while stuck in camp as a child.

Going down memory lane, Miranda explained how earlier in the year he crashed at his parent's house to avoid getting his newborn sick and ended up finding the old childhood gems. "I was really a city kid so sending me to camp was not a good idea,” he recalled laughing, noting that his mother never, ever throws anything away.

“Dear mom and dad, please take me back to New York, away from this hell hole. The electricity is mal functioning, the septic tank is rupturing, the insect repellant isn't working...” read the first letter. “Dear family, hi remember me? I'm the kid you ditched in the woods for a month. Here's a picture to remind you of me," he wrote in the second letter along with a drawing of Miranda jumping off a building.

As Miranda laughed remembering that summer, he shared with Kimmel how he eventually escaped camp by faking a spinal injury. "There was a kid who injured his back the day before and got to go home,”  he said, adding how on the next day, he immediately threw himself on the ground and pretended he couldn't feel his legs as he faked his way through three ambulances and a hospital visit.

"Mary Poppins is not my best performance. Faking a injury the whole Summer was!" Miranda joked.

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda on Kimmel below.