Jake Owen Asks 'Where the F--k' He Parked His Truck in 'Kimmel' Parody: Watch

Jake Owen
Courtesy Photo

Jake Owen in a parody skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

In honor of the CMAs Wednesday night (Nov. 14), Jake Owen asked an important question as the star of Jimmy Kimmel’s “The Truck Song” parody.   

The music video opens with the 37-year-old singer-songwriter lugging around shopping bags following a trip to the mall. When he heads out to the parking garage  though, he find's that his vehicle is nowhere to be found.   

"Oh where the f--k did I park my truck?" sings an exasperated Owen, "Did I park it near that new Starbucks?/ Where in the mother f--k did I park my truck?"

Kimmel's security guard sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, finds the frustrated country star while patrolling on a golf cart. "Hop in, dumb ass," he tells him, as Owen launches into the next verse describing his Chevy and the memories attached to it.

At the conclusion of the video, Owen recalls that his girlfriend took his truck that day, and that he actually got there using a push scooter. His shopping bags go flying as he gets rammed into by someone driving his own vehicle on the way out.

Watch the comedic Kimmel video below.