Jamie Foxx Talks Partying with Prince, Karaoke With Whitney Houston on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Jamie Foxx
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jamie Foxx on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 12, 2018. 

He also mentioned the time Bobby Brown grabbed a bunch of his clothes.

Jamie Foxx revealed hilarious stories about his celebrity karaoke parties and feeling starstruck after meeting Prince during his Monday night (Nov. 12) appearance on The Tonight Show.

"I had NSYNC singing Backstreet Boys songs and vice versa," Foxx said about his famous karaoke parties back in the day. "But the one night that was crazy, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown showed up to my karaoke party and this was when she was like the female singer of the millennium or whatever, and Whitney Houston got up and sang 'I Will Always Love You.'"

The 50-year-old actor went on to mention that he recorded the jaw-dropping performance at his house with a camcorder just hours before Brown returned to grab a bunch of Foxx's clothes. "Like eight weeks later, I look on People magazine and it was Bobby and Whitney and it said 'clothes by Dolce & Gabbana' and I said 'no it ain't that's my sh*t,'" Foxx said jokingly. 

When asked if he's ever met a celebrity that he felt starstruck by, Foxx replied: "When I first saw Prince, I saw him in 1998 on December 31st, and I'm in Las Vegas and I cried a little bit and of course his voice is extra sexy, I don't know why but it is, and I said 'I love your stuff,' and he said 'Thank you very much.'"

Foxx went on to explain Prince's incredible performance with Morris Day and the Time at the 1998 New Year's Eve celebration. "Later that night, Morris Day and the Time were playing and he [Prince] came out in all purple feathers, stretch pants and an incredible purple guitar and killed it."

Foxx also promised that his new adventure-packed movie Robin Hood will feature exactly zero tights when it drops on Nov. 21. 

Watch the full Foxx interview below.