Netflix's 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Soundtrack Features Blondie, K.Flay & More: See Full Track List

Chilling adventures of sabrina
Diyah Pera/Netflix

Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

As The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina arrives on Netflix, the streaming service has also unveiled the series’ eclectic, spooky soundtrack, exclusively via Billboard today (Oct. 26).

The soundtrack, which will land on Spotify tomorrow (Oct. 27), spans musical generations, from Marvin Gaye’s swinging 60’s song “Witchcraft,” to music as recent as K.Flay’s raw 2017 indie-rock song “Blood In The Cut.” 

With track choices like Blondie’s “Atomic” and Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” the soundtrack has no shortage of girl power songs that are perfect for the re-vamped and strong-willed Sabrina. The soundtrack also includes Halloween classics like Sylvia Gordon’s “I Put A Spell On You,” and Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman,” giving The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina its spooky edge. 

Futhermore, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina asks the age-old question: are you a good witch or a bad witch? Spotify has your answer. Netflix has also launched two exclusive playlists on Spotify, titled “The Path of Light” and “The Path of Night,” along with a microsite that will magically analyze your listening habits and send your soul (and your ears) on the right path of curated music. 

The re-vamped Netflix series is darker than ever before, as teenage witch Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) struggles to choose between the sinister allure of witchcraft and her attachment to the virtuous human world.

Check out The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina soundtrack track list and stream the music below.

  1. “Magic Eyes" - Billy Fury

  2. “Atomic" - Blondie

  3. “Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival

  4. “Hurdy Gurdy Man" - Donovan

  5. “Blue Motorbike" - Moto Boy

  6. “I Put A Spell On You" - Sylvia Gordon

  7. “Be My Baby" - The Ronettes

  8. “Terrible Thing" - AG & Brad Gordon

  9. “Monster Mash" - Bobby “Borris” Picket & The Crypt-Kickers

  10. “Devil Woman" - Cliff Richard

  11. “Strange Magic” (re-record)- Electric Light Orchestra

  12. “Full Moon Tonight" - Silvastone feat BELLSTAINT

  13. “Sixteen Candles" - Stray Cats

  14. “Blood In The Cut" - K.Flay

  15. “Dead End" - Kaviar Special

  16. “Wild Woman" - Sleep Machine

  17. “Patricia Oppressa" - Studio Musicians

  18. “Requiem-Pie Jesus" - Studio Musicians

  19. “Sinister Monks" - Studio Musicians

  20. “The New Kind Of Kick" - The Cramps

  21. “Always Is Always Forever- Uncredited

  22. “Boo" - Bob Kelly & The Pikes

  23. “Carnival of Souls Cue" - Gene Moore

  24. “Witchcraft" - Marvin Gaye

  25. “Midnight Jazz" - Studio Musicians

  26. “PCL545 String Quartet No.13 in A minor ‘Rosamunde’: Andante" - Studio Musicians

  27. “Casting My Spell" - The Pirates

  28. “Black Magic Woman" - VCTRY

  29. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me" - Doris Day

  30. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me" - Ozzie Nelson

  31. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me" - Pink Martini And The Von Trapps

  32. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” (re-master)- Yiruma

  33. “If I Had A Heart" - Fever Ray

  34. “Sold" - Lily

  35. “Give Me A Chance" - Studio Musicians

  36. “Yes, I’m A Witch" - Yoko Ono

  37. “Criminal" - Fiona Apple

  38. “Prelude" - Studio Musicians

  39. “Venus in Furs" - Velvet Underground with Nico

  40. “Do-Re-Mi" - Uncredited

  41. “(The Girl With The) Raven Hair" - Jody Reynolds

  42. “Conflagration" - Studio Musicians

  43. “Let Me Live" - Des Rocs

  44. “Midnight Serenade" - Studio Musicians

  45. “A Little Wicked" - Valerie Broussard