Netflix Announces Christmas Special For Ezra Koenig's 'Neo Yokio' Show

Ezra Koenig and Jaden Smith
Patrick Lewis/Starpix for Netflix

Ezra Koenig and Jaden Smith attend the Neo Yokio Season 1 New York Special Screening on Sept. 21, 2017.

Christmas might not be exactly around the corner, but Ezra Koenig is already in the holiday spirit. 

Netflix announced that they will be airing a Christmas special of the Vampire Weekend frontman’s anime series Neo Yokio, on Tuesday (Oct. 9).

Set in a futuristic New York City, Neo Yokio was released last September in a successful six-episode run, featuring the voices of celebrities like Jaden Smith, Jude Law and Jason Schwartzman. 

The special, titled “Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas,” will be available on the streaming service on Dec. 7. 

See the Twitter announcement below.