Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's Pet Pig Is Named Piggy Smallz and It's Prone to Naughty Behavior

'This chick got a pig in a f---ing hour,' he told Seth Meyers on Thursday night (Sept. 28).

Just when you thought we'd learned everything we could possibly know about Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, the Saturday Night Live star spilled even more tea on Thursday night (Sept. 28) when he visited SNL alum Seth Meyers on The Late Show.

Most importantly, Davidson finally shared some intel about the pet he and Ari recently invited into their home, an adorable little porker named, yes, Piggy Smallz.

"This girl was like, 'I want a pig,'" Davidson told Meyers about his fiance's desire to fill the New York apartment they now share with the pitter patter of porker feet. "And then an hour later it was just there. You know what I mean? Like, I'm still trying, to get, like, a Propecia refill…this chick got a pig in a fucking hour."

It sounds like it was cute at first, but Davidson said things changed once Smallz got big.

"The first two days it was like really new and, like, didn't move much. But then, now, it's starting to bite and, you know, starting to do stuff like [headbutt]," said Davidson of their "bougie" Manhattan sow. "Because it's a pig."

And even though most New Yorkers don't have slop-loving farm animals in their condos, Davidson is all in. "I love it," he said, laughing at a picture of the tattoo he recently got of the piglet. "I want it to get big and fat."

Sure, he's willing to live with a pig, but perhaps the most revealing story the excitable comedian shared was when he told Meyers that now that he's really famous, he can't leave his door open and let his dirtbag friends crash on the couch like he did in the old days.

"That day is over and I'm not friends with them no more," Davidson laughed. "That's the best thing about your life getting better -- you don't have to hang out with those people...what? Am I gonna lie?"

On the other hand, Davidson had nothing but nice things to say about this weekend's "calm, respectful" SNL host, Adam Driver. And though he kept a tight lid on it, Pete also said he's heard some "exciting" things about musical guest Kanye West's performance.

Watch Davidson's appearance on The Late Show below.