Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Go Undercover For Hilarious 'Musical Photo Bomb' Skit: Watch

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Courtesy of NBC
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber during "Musical Photobomb" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It's nearly impossible for Justin Bieber to go anywhere unnoticed, but with the help of Jimmy Fallon, the singer was able to enjoy a nice stroll in the park. During taping for the “Musical Photo Bomb” segment for The Tonight Show in NYC's Central Park, the duo surprised unsuspecting fans by lip syncing and dancing to Bieber's 2015 hit "What Do You Mean?" while in disguise. 

With each wearing a mullet wig -- blonde for Fallon, brunette for Bieber -- sunglasses, a walrus mustache and an oversized suit, the duo showed off their dance moves while bopping around the park, engaging with all kinds of people and even attempting the "floss dance."

Although Fallon was more recognizable, Bieber shockingly managed to go full incognito; many passersby had absolutely no idea that they were in the presence of the pop star.

At the end of the skit, Bieber took off his wig, revealing his true identity as fans went crazy, lining up to take pictures and praise the "Love Yourself" singer. Fans have been anxiously waiting to watch the segment, which was recorded on Aug. 14, and the taping was much-hyped on social media after the cameras stopped rolling.

Viewers were finally able to watch the playful sketch on Thursday (Sept. 13) when the bit finally aired on The Tonight Show's special Central Park edition.

Check out the "Musical Photo Bomb" with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber below.