Missy Elliott Performs 'Work It' With Viral Sensation Mary Halsey on 'Ellen': Watch

Missy Elliott graced the performance stage of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (Sept. 13), to surprise viral sensation and long-time fan, Mary Halsey, with a duet performance.

Halsey had posted a video of herself singing her own rendition of Elliott's 2002 hit "Work It" during a park karaoke session in early August. After the video went online, it made its way to Elliott, who saw the video and instantly loved it. Elliott then tweeted Halsey's hilarious cover to her 6.6 million Twitter followers, causing the video to go viral and surge to 3.8 million views.

Today, Halsey appeared on Ellen to discuss her 15-year love affair with the song, how she became so good at the song's iconic sound effects, and that she coined the term "Funky White Sista" before Elliott did. After DeGeneres interviewed Halsey, she took to the stage to perform her take on the song, only to be surprised by Elliott joining in for her performance -- much to the fan's stunned delight. 

Check out the cute performance below.