Mitski Talks New Album & Intimate Relationship With Music, Performs 'Geyser' on 'The Daily Show': Watch

Courtesy of Comedy Central
Mitski performs onĀ The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Discussing her new album Be the Cowboy and her intimate relationship with music, Mitski stopped by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Tuesday (Sept.11) to catch up with the host and perform her new single "Geyser." 

Embracing an uniquely American mythos, Mitski's new album reflects on the meaning behind being a cowboy. "When I say 'cowboy' I don’t mean the working cowboy of today, I literally mean the cowboy myth: the Marlboro cowboy commercial or Clint Eastwood's movies," she clarified. "There is such an arrogance and a freedom to it that is so appealing to me, especially because I’m an Asian woman -- I think I walk into a room and I have to apologize for existing."

“Is Asian culture the furthest thing from cowboy-ness?" Noah then asked curiously. Laughing, Mitski agreed, stating that “the idea of the cowboy is so American: a man riding into town, wrecking shit and walking out like he is the hero." 


Diving deeper into the album's lyrical essence, Noah noted how the record feels like she really dug into the depths of her soul. The singer agreed, mentioning the loneliness of touring: "It's not personal or individual loneliness -- you're always surrounded by people on tour -- but it's the structural, society kind of loneliness. You're always in a different time zone, far away from everyone you know and none of your friends can really relate." later adding "Little by little, you become more solitaire." 

Still, Mitski has been, more than ever, finding inner peace in music, sometimes even writing love songs about it. "Music is my closest relationship, it's been my only friend sometimes growing up... it is like my family."

Noting how she has also been writing for other musicians, Noah asked the singer if the process of writing for others is liberating or constraining. "It is liberating because sometimes I write songs I feel I can’t sing with my own voice or persona. So writing for others means I can channel all these different personalities I can’t even express very well but someone else can for me.” 

Watch the full interview, as well as Mitski's performance of Be the Cowboy single "Geyser," below.