Lykke Li Gets Dark With Moody 'Sex, Money, Feelings Die' Performance on 'Late Night': Watch

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Lykke Li performs on Sept. 10, 2018 on Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

Performing her single "Sex, Money, Feelings Die" from her recently released album so sad, so sexy, Lykke Li once again reflected on past relationships and fraught sexuality during a dark, jazzy performance on the Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night (Sept. 10). 

With her hair slicked back, wearing a Matrix-looking, black leather trench coat, Li's shadow appeared in the midst of a sea of red lights as the Swedish singer gave off major Trinity vibes before pouring her heart out in the emotionally-charged track.   

A song about an unraveling romance and the vulnerability of its last moments, "Sex, Money, Feelings Die" talks about late nights and unrequited love affairs, usually accompanied by alcohol, drugs, remorse or anything to take the edge off. "Trade love for one night/ Two pills and a red wine/ Tough love but I know I don't mind" Li soulfully sang as the delicate guitar cords snaked behind her sentimental lyrics.


Delivering an impressive vocal performance, a mixture of rap-like verses and pop lines, Li told the story of a relationship that seemed to never see the light of the day as she chanted the emotive chorus "And now the sun is up, I'm coming down/ We just blow it up, blow it out/ Sex money feelings die/ Baby don't you cry." 

Check out Lykke Li's full performance below.