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A History of Hip-Hop Hopefuls on 'America's Got Talent,' From Rappin' Granny to Flau'jae

Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Flau'jae performs on America's Got Talent on Aug. 3, 2018.

Throughout 13 seasons of America’s Got Talent, auditions have ranged from jaw-droppingly fantastic to cheesy to flat-out terrible. They've also run the gamut of categories, from ventriloquists and magicians to opera singers and rappers.

This season, two young MCs -- Flau'jae and Patches -- have already captured the judges' attention with their vastly different styles. But they're hardly the first hip-hop hopefuls on the talent competition. Below, take a look back at some of the most memorable rap auditions on AGT -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Rappin' Granny - Season 1

“Wave your hands in the air. And wave em’ for Granny out there.” Vivian Lee Smallwood actually got pretty far, making it all the way to the top 10 of the show's debut season.

CJ Dippa - Season 5

“All about the swag and all about the style, walk into the club and the girls go wild.” This swagged-out kid from Dallas could rap and moonwalk. He was eliminated in the quarterfinals but returned for the wild-card show, where he was eliminated again.

Metatron - Season 6

“My name is Metatron, I am an angel of light. Here to light up the world, make everything all right.” This cringe-worthy performance didn't make anything all right. 

Perry Kurtz - Season 8

“That was a colossal waste of my time,” said then-judge Howard Stern. Thankfully, this ex-stripper didn't get too far through his rap before being denied by the harsh sound of the buzzers.

Tone the Chiefrocca - Season 8

“Drop it like it’s hot, lil' mamma don't fall.” This duo had the ambitious goal of becoming a one-hit-wonder with their song "Booty." The performance was painful on the eardrums, but somehow all four judges pushed these guys through to the next round.

Evil Chikin - Season 10

“No one can beat me on the microphone, I’m all pumped up with hormones.” Who let this guy in the building?

Skylar Katz - Season 11

“My Instagram got likes, and my Snapchat chat make em’ clap clap clap when I rap like that.” This 11-year-old from New York had a lot of charisma but was eventually eliminated in the judges' cuts. Katz went on to join the cast of Raven's Home on Disney Channel.

NaNa the Cat Lady - Season 13

“Meow, meow.” Not sure what's going on here, but this eccentric lady loves imaginary cats. Simon Cowell suggested she get some real pets to keep her company.

Patches - Season 13

“Dealin’ out rhymes like its blackjack. Spittin’ bars like I’m choking on a Kit Kat.” What will 13-year-old Matt Johnson do if he wins the million dollars this season? Buy tickets to Hamilton on Broadway.

Flau'jae - Season 13

"I gotta make it look what I done been through. This is real life I cannot pretend to." This 14-year-old rapper from Georgia is continuing her late father's legacy by rapping, and earned a standing ovation and the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Chris Hardwick. Her passionate style makes her one to watch this season.