Amy Schumer Struggles With 'SNL' Facts in Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Watch

Amy Schumer SNL
Courtesy of NBC

Amy Schumer goes behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live.

The comedian promoted her second time hosting the late-night show by demonstrating how she has "a pretty good handle on how things work" in Studio 8H.

Amy Schumer is no stranger to hosting Saturday Night Live, and she makes that abundantly clear in a new promo for this weekend's show — or at least she tries to.

The I Feel Pretty star opens the teaser by getting "caught" turning down dinner with Denzel Washington because of a prior commitment to charity work. And since she's hosted once before, Schumer says she has "a pretty good handle on how things work," prompting her to give viewers a firsthand look behind the scenes — or at least at what she jokingly claims is an accurate portrayal of the show. 

Schumer travels from the page desk ("They call it that because of all these pages!" she says before throwing a pile of paper in the air. "They like it when you do this to them!") to "home base," (where the monologue is performed, not a place for "making sweet love" as she thought).

The comedian throws out a few more fun "facts," including that she's the first woman to ever host SNL — "or even be in the building," she jokes. "Somebody grab a broom 'cause, we're gonna need to sweep up all the glass from the ceiling I just shattered," Schumer says.

Kyle Mooney eventually joins in on the fun, only for Schumer to push him into the forbidden control room. "God, it's good to be back," she says, throwing another pile of paper in the air.

Schumer will be joined by musical guest Kacey Musgraves for SNL's second-to-last show of the season.

This article originally appeared on THR.