Adam Levine Admits He's Rooting For Kelly Clarkson's Team to Win 'The Voice': Watch

Adam Levine
Courtesy Photo

Adam Levine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Just before The Voice top 10 singers face off on Monday (May 7), Adam Levine stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about his newborn baby girl -- and who he thinks may be the victorious coach for Season 14.

"I will win," the Maroon 5 frontman declared, but in a not-so-confident manner. "For me to say I have any clue at this point, because I've seen so many different scenarios, I honestly have no idea. But I hope it's me, our team."

In her very Ellen way, the host pushed Levine to confess which coach he thinks will really come out on top. Of course, his response involved a jab at Blake Shelton ("I think that Blake has got a chance -- I hate him," he quipped), but actually showed some favoritism for the rookie of the coach crew.

"I kind of, in a weird way, wouldn't mind if Kelly Clarkson won. First of all, I love her to pieces -- don't you love her so much?" he said to the audience, resulting in enthusiastic cheers. "It'd be cool if she kind of came in first season and just like, boom. That's what I did."

Clarkson and Levine each have two artists left in the running: Brynn Cartelli and Kaleb Lee on Team Kelly, and Rayshun LaMarr and Jackie Verna on Team Adam. Levine has been the winning coach for three of his 13 seasons.

Before playing a hilarious game of "Smash Hits," Levine also chatted with DeGeneres about the newest addition to his family -- a baby girl named Gio -- and how his first-born daughter Dusty Rose is actually quite thrilled about having a little sister. "She's obsessed with Gio to the point where like, every morning she wakes up the first thing she says is 'Gio Gio Gio,'" he gushed.

Watch Levine's latest Ellen appearance below.