'Unsolved': Episode 9 Cuts to the Chase as Biggie's Mom Comes to Terms With His Lifestyle

Unsolved biggie tupac
Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

 Marcc Rose as Tupac Shakur and Dominic Santana as Suge Knight in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

While episode 8 of Unsolved focused on Tupac and his relationship with his mother, episode 9 dials in on Biggie and the unique yet similar bond he had with his mother, Voletta. The episode opens with Voletta investigating Biggie’s Los Angeles hotel room just after his passing -- where she is hit with vivid flashbacks from both Christopher’s childhood days and days of stardom. Of course memories of silliness and laughter cross her mind but what seems to resonate most is the loving advice she would give to her son all in attempts to keep him out of trouble -- which unfortunately claimed his life.

Meanwhile, Greg Kading’s task force tries to get their ducks back in a row after informant Percy Locke led them astray. They decide to pay him another visit and as expected he flees the scene and an erratic car chase ensues. Kading and Dupree arrest Percy but his serial lying tendencies render him an unreliable source leaving the task force at square one yet again. Things get worse for Kading when his wife, fed up with his devotion to this wild Biggie investigation, says she wants a divorce. Similar sorrows unravel as the episode rewinds to 1998 and Russell Poole, now divorced and out of a job, has seen no spike in interest since the release of his tell-all book detailing the Biggie murder. With his name and reputation in law-enforcement heavily tainted he finally lands a job as a court room security guard where he runs into his now retired, former partner Fred Miller, who urges Poole to ask for his LAPD detective job back as the department will likely open the Biggie case again – especially since Voletta Wallace’s lawsuit is now in the pipeline. 

Kading and the task force also catch somewhat of a break when they respond to a used car dealer’s complaint that Suge Knight allegedly extorted. Suge reportedly ordered his “goons” to repossess a 1961 Chevy Impala with Pac’s face painted on the trunk. They plan to bait him back and nab him on extortion charges, finally giving them the opportunity to interrogate Suge. More digging lead them to Theresa Swan who had sold the car to another buyer. She turns out to not only be a close conspirator of Suge’s but also the mother of one of his children.

Theresa now rightfully becomes the focus of their investigation once the task force finds out she’s been pulling off a lot of illegal activity. They obtain a search warrant for Theresa’s house, execute a raid and hand her an ultimatum that forces her to choose between going to jail and helping them get to the bottom of the case. After standing firm and ultimately silent, Theresa admits to knowing who the killer is thanks to an emotional one-on-one with the task force’s only female detective Justine Simon (Amirah Vann).  

The episode closes with another look into the relationship between Biggie and his mother. Backstage at one of his concerts Voletta seems to have come to terms with the fact that her son is a beloved gangster rapper despite her constant worry for his well-being. Unbeknownst to her, this would be one of the last time’s she would see her son.