John Cena Talks Upcoming Wedding and Wrestlemania as the 'Ew!' Stars Reunite on 'Fallon'

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
John Cena during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 7, 2018.

Jimmy Fallon and John Cena's great comedic chemistry is apparent whenever the two get together, and when Cena visited Fallon on Wednesday night (Mar. 7), it was nothing short of hysterical. In addition to playing Fallon's "BFF" in the hilarious "Ew!" segment, sat down this time to chat about Cena's Oscar nomination for Ferdinand, his upcoming wedding, and Wrestlemania.

The interview kicked off with the WWE superstar grilling Fallon about not giving him a hand during a Monday Night RAW match. "Way to help me out," Cena said, after the host explained that he saw him get hit with a guitar live during the fight. "You could have said something...You know we film the audience? I watched it back, you said nothing, you just had this devilish grin on your face."

The two briefly touched on Cena's Oscar nom, which Cena humbly said was "really cool." Cena also shared that he met Fallon's dad James, whom he believes is way cooler than Jimmy. The 40-year-old pro wrestler explained that since he proposed to his wife Nicole during Wrestlemania last year, she had taken control of planning the wedding, and playfully remarked that he would simply arrive whenever he found out where and when it was.

The end of the segment saw another moment of hilarity as Cena confessed that, although he was excited for his wedding dance with his fiancee, he was nervous about the rest of the evening because he doesn't really know any dance moves. Fallon proceeded to save the day by teaching the guest a hip-gyrating club move that he learned from Madonna

Check out the video below.