Kelly Clarkson Mocks Blake Shelton & Fangirls Over Alicia Keys in New 'Voice' Preview: Watch

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Kelly Clarkson on The Voice

Clarkson's new role kicks off on the Season 14 premiere tonight (Feb. 26).

American Idol veteran Kelly Clarkson is making her return to reality television Monday night (Feb. 26), this time as a judge on the 14th season of The Voice.

Ahead of the premiere, Clarkson took fans behind the scenes of her first day on set, where she mocked Black Shelton’s accent, and admitted her crush on Alicia Keys

“I’ve known Blake for like a decade,” Clarkson says before making fun of his accent. “We’re close enough were I can really mess with him.” When Blake asked which judge one contestant should pick, Adam Levine pressed a button that said Steve Carell's iconic 40-Year-Old Virgin line, "Kelly Clarkson!" 

Of Keys, Clarkson gushed over her "walking zen" vibes. “I am married,” the singer said. “But if I liked women, I’d like Alicia.”

“I love music and I love investing in people. I’ve had years of success, and here on The Voice, I get to give back,” Clarkson said of her new venture. “It’s pretty magical for me.” Check out the whole preview below, and tune into the new season of The Voice tonight (Feb. 26) at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.