Justin Timberlake Sent Ellen Degeneres a Cheeky Secret Signal During His Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

Ellen Degeneres and Justin Timberlake are clearly pretty good friends. Timberlake even surprised Ellen for her recent 60th birthday, delivering a dreamy bouquet of flowers and singing her happy birthday.   

And as good friends, it seems like Ellen wasn't afraid to ask JT for a little favor during his Super Bowl LII halftime performance on Sunday (Feb. 4). The host revealed on Wednesday's (Feb. 7) show that she requested the Man of the Woods star send a secret signal sometime during the performance to show that he was thinking of Ellen.   

"Justin will you do me a favor? I know there's a lot going on in your life right now, but during the performance, if you could give some kind of signal to show you're thinking of me?," Ellen asked Justin before the big event. She even showed him a couple examples, which included a wacky shoulder-tapping dance and a suggestion that he maybe finish by rubbing his stomach in a sexual way.   

Ellen followed up by showing clips of the "Filthy" singer's performance, in which it looked like he totally followed through with the promise. At one point during a medley of his 20/20 Experience Hit "Mirrors," it appeared that JT definitely hit a smooth shoulder bop and sexually rubbed his stomach. Ellen concluded by saying that he sure knows how to make a girl feel special.  

Check out the clip below.

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