Promoted: 5 Ridiculous Moments From Sunday Night's Baffling Old Spice Commercial

Wieden+Kennedy/Old Spice

Old Spice launched a foreign language commercial Sunday (Jan. 28) during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. In what feels like a French love story, the lead damsel in distress, searches the streets for “Old Spice”, with the help of her neighbors. The spot, airing to an English speaking audience made “no scents” but looked like a ridiculous fragrance ad.

1. It was entirely in French

An all-female village fiercely yelps the only clear words able to translate, "Old Spice". This happens over and over again in shrill cries.

2. You heard us right, an all-female village, fully dressed in pastels

So, is this a dream? That’s a lot of soft pinks and baby blues.

3. The eldest, wisest character saves the day

We need a translator for this one. But there should always be an older, wiser woman to speak some truth.

4. Did she just say "escargot"?

While taking in a breathtaking view, the popular French dish made of "snails” ends scene…

5. She’s been looking for a dog the whole time

To add to the drama, the video assumes she’s finally found the Captain we saw in the first scene, but she’s actually been looking for her dog, “Old Spice”, the unassuming mutt to his left.

The subtitled version was released on social to give a bit more guidance.

Understanding that Old Spice is promoting their new premium scent, “Captain”, the spot makes a bit more sense.

The brand may be on to something with this entertaining parody. A proper PR stunt in protest of luxury fragrance commercials that portray seemingly ridiculous scenarios that no one will ever relate to. Here’s to hoping there’s a Part II… but for now, here’s an extended cut.

This article was created in paid partnership with Old Spice.