Late Night Hosts Lose Their Lunch Over Details of Alleged Trump Romp with Porn Star Stormy Daniels: Watch

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Late Night with Seth Meyers

It's hard to believe we've gotten to this point, but here we are: the hosts of late night TV could hardly keep their dinners down on Thursday night (Jan. 18) when reciting the latest revelations about Pres. Trump's alleged 2006 romp with the porn star known as Stormy Daniels.

In fact, Late Night host Seth Meyers had to pump half a jug of Purell into his mouth, after recalling a bit in an InTouch magazine interview in which Daniels recalled that Trump paid her the highest compliment during one hotel room assignation: "that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter."

Meyers marveled that in addition to the potential government shutdown looming on Friday (Jan. 19), the continuing fallout from Trump's racist "shithole countries" tirade and the looming threat of a nuclear war with North Korea, "on top of everything else, we have a president who’s such a genius he’s somehow still paying for porn... [which] barely registered as more than a blip in the news cycle.”

Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen -- who allegedly arranged for the $130,000 payoff to Daniels (born Stephanie Clifford) to stay quiet about the affair -- has denied both the payment and the affair. But Meyers could not help but delve into the sordid details of the alleged hook-up as described by Daniels in the InTouch article.

"One of the grossest parts of this story is how Trump apparently lured Daniels to his hotel room,” Meyers said, referring to the part of interview where Daniels explained that she showed up all dressed for going out, only to find Trump "sprawled out on the couch watching TV, wearing pajama pants... Oh my god, Trump behaves the way a 13-year-old thinks a celebrity billionaire gets to behave... [Imitating Trump] 'It was great, I was watching TV in my pajamas and a porn star came to my room and made out with me. Then we had McDonald’s for dinner, hopped in my Lamborghini and it was off to Gotham to beat Batman!'"

Over on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host focused in on a new Mother Jones report that claims Daniels once said Trump asked her to spank him with a Forbes magazine that had him (and possibly two of his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka) on the cover. "Wow," Colbert marveled. "He got spanked, but I feel like I got punished... Though I gotta say, 'Bravo, sir.' It is not easy to maintain an ego that big while being sexually submissive." 

Dropping into his signature Trump voice, Colbert imagined the former reality star bragging about his S&M skills, "I am the best bad boy, little boy. I deserve the finest spankings on my tremendous Trump rump. Many people are saying I'm the top bottom of all-time." Sobering up, though, he added, "I can't believe that's a joke based on actual news."

Not for nothing, Daniels is planning to make an appearance at South Carolina's Trophy Club gentleman's establishment as part of her -- wait for it -- "Making America Horny Again!' tour. 


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