Adam Levine Visits 'Kimmel,' Talks Almost S--ting Himself During The Birth of His Daughter

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Adam Levine on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Adam Levine stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (Jan. 18), in advance of the upcoming season of The Voice. The Maroon 5 star brought a hilarious story about his experiences during the birth of his 16-month-old daughter Dusty Rose.

Levine, who is expecting a second child any day now, detailed the account of how his wife Behati Prinsloo's first time in labor almost ended with him defecating on himself.

Beginning with advice from Carson Daly, Levine said that the former TRL host told him to make sure to eat during the birthing process in order to stay energized throughout. Safe to say Levine took it a step too far, though.

"Well it was good advice. But like all good advice, it can be abused," he said. And abuse it he did, Levine revealed that he ordered a "huge bag of food," including cheeseburgers and pizza. Through this, he explained that he learned he was a nervous eater.

After stuffing himself while waiting for Behati's water to break, time went on. Finally, as the two headed to the hospital, Levine shared that he was ready to blow.

"So [Behati] kind of went into labor throughout the day, and it was beautiful. I was eating a lot though. We finally go to the hospital, I’ve put back an unbelievable amount of food. Like basically bursting at the seams, I was gonna shit my pants,” Levine remembered as the crowd roared with laughter.

In fear of missing the glorious birth of his child, The Voice judge stayed away from the bathroom and made it through to see his daughter arrive, and not a second later. 

"The second the coast was clear, my wife was good, everyone's happy, I took one of the nurses aside and said, 'Look, you gotta find me a bathroom.'"

The pair also chatted about a practical joke Levine played on Voice co-star Blake Shelton, who was named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" two years after Levine was given the same title.

The "What Lovers Do" singer explained that when he won back in 2015, he sent Shelton a huge poster of Levine's People cover, which Shelton hung up in his barn. "I guess that lit a fire under him, and he wanted it. But he's not sexy," Levine playfully remarked amid laughs.

Check out Adam Levine on Kimmel below.