Snoop Dogg's Emotional 'Coach Snoop' Trailer is Full of Inspiration: Watch

Austin Hargrave
SYFL players Maximus Gibb, Anthony Beavers, Esai Martinez, CJ Montes, Jaylin Smith and Snoop Dogg photographed on Oct. 10 in Inglewood, Calif.

It's all blood, sweat, and tears in the new trailer released Thursday (Jan. 18) for Snoop Dogg's latest television endeavor Coach Snoop on Netflix. The eight-episode show is set for release on Feb. 2.

The new show takes a closer look at the Cali rap legend's gridiron passion as well as his long-running Snoop Youth Football League in South Central Los Angeles.

Snoop gets on the coaching side of the game, as he and a team of coaches help guide groups of young teenagers through the adversities of life on and off the field.

The trailer shows scenes of the Doggfather on the field, firing players up through words of motivation. "One thing about life: you're gonna lose more than you win. But are you gonna get up?" says Snoop. The trailer also gives a look into the personal struggles of some of the individual players — as some of the kids detail their tough home lives.

Check out the trailer below.