Meghan Trainor & Shania Twain Throw Shade on 'Drop The Mic': Watch

Shania Twain Meghan Trainor Rap Battle
Courtesy of TBS

Drop the Mic: Shania Twain vs Meghan Trainor 

In the most recent rap battle on TBS’s Drop The Mic, Meghan Trainor exchanged friendly disses with Shania Twain.

“When I was told I’d be battling one of my idols, I wondered if beating her was worth the title,” Trainor rapped in her opening line. The verse then took a snarky turn, when Trainor smirked and said, “Shania Twain? No problem, I thought you meant Dolly Parton.”

Twain had just the right response for the jab, referencing Trainor’s hit “Lips Are Movin”: “I don’t need to bow down to come on top. Your lips are moving. I wish they would stop.”

The roast didn’t last long, and Trainor confessed, “I wrote this mean rap because they forced me to, but the truth is my whole life I’ve been obsessed with you.”

“I know we’re battling to see who’s meaner but I love you so much, girl. I didn’t want to do this either,” Twain replied, as the singers hugged it out.

Co-hosts Method Man and Hailey Baldwin—as well as the audience—were so impressed by the cutting jabs and the love at the end. They decided both songstresses won the battle, and handed out two microphone shaped trophies. Watch the duo duke it out below.