Chanukah Gets Its Due on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' With Return of the Chanucorn

The Chanucorn returns on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Courtesy of ABC

The Chanucorn returns on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In a Christmas-crazy world, a little eight-horned magic is what we need.

Of course you don't because it's totally not a thing. But one of Jimmy Kimmel's writers, Gary, insists on busting out his ridiculous made-up creature on the show every year, and on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! he pulled on the white horse suit with a flowing blue mane and full menorah on top and busted into his totally made up holiday tune.

"I hope that you enjoy my song it's gonna be a blast/ But listen very carefully I have to sing it fast/ The most Semitic melody that you have ever heard/ The Chanucorn's official 80 favorite Jewish words," Gary warbled as visions of spinning dreidels danced on a screen behind him.

And then it was pretty much what you'd expect -- a long list of Jewish phrases you know and some you might have to Google: bagel, Yentl, pickeled herring, lean corned beef on rye, oy vey, kugel, kenehorah, matzoh ball, rabbi, dreidel, gimel, Rosh Hashanah, etc. There were dancing pieces of gelt and, of course, a spinning dreidel dog.

It was enough to make you plotz. Check it out below