Watch Harry Styles Mock Trump & Address His Kiss With James Corden While Hosting 'Late Late Show'

Harry Styles filled in for James Corden as host of The Late Late Show on Tuesday night (Dec. 12), as Corden spent the evening at the hospital with his wife Julia Carey for the birth of their third child. Styles spent the night as host for the first time since his week-long residency in May.

The pop star continued to showcase his talent in front of camera, displaying a comfortable comedic delivery throughout his monologue. He began by congratulating Corden and jokingly vying for his job. “I want you to know that I of course realize that this is James’ show and this is a one-time only thing... unless CBS likes what they see,” he said with a cheeky tone and a wink.

In his opening monologue, Styles showed off his comedic skills by putting president Donald Trump and controversial Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on blast, adding that Moore went to the polls to "vote for himself." After the witty political remarks, Styles addressed the now-viral kiss he shared with Corden during a Christmas Carpool Karaoke bit, joking that he and the late night host will also be having a baby. 

Styles then moved behind the desk to deliver an amusing segment about dogs in sunglasses, later interviewing actress Jane Krakowski. It may have been a last-minute job, but Styles certainly made himself a solid candidate for substitute host.

Watch the clip below.