Ed Sheeran Talks Grammy Snubs With Ellen DeGeneres: 'Maybe This Year Isn't My Year'

After delivering a "Perfect" performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ed Sheeran stuck around to chat on Ellen's Show Me More Show, exclusive to her YouTube. 

In the clip shared Friday (Dec 1), DeGeneres begins by congratulating Sheeran on his recent two Grammy nominations (best pop solo performance and best pop vocal album for ÷ (Divide)) before admitting that she is "outraged" that Sheeran was not also nominated in the album of the year and song of the year categories.

After the crowd stopped applauding, Sheeran explained: "My outlook on it is some years you have your year and some years you don't have your year. Maybe this year isn't my year."

DeGeneres was not accepting of that as a reasonable explanation. "That song ['Shape Of You'] did not leave my head, I mean, ever." 

"But that's the point," Sheeran interjected. "That's where you win. That's where the validation comes from. You actually see people enjoying the songs. I'd rather have a lifetime of people coming up to me and saying... 'This song is my wedding song,' or 'this song was my first kiss.'" 

Sheeran also said that his personal favorite song is "Perfect" -- “It was one of the fastest songs that I’d written. It just kind of came out. It’s the first song I wrote for the album and I’m not really sick of it. I still listen to it.”

Coincidentally and most likely unrelated but still funny, Sheeran wore a shirt that read "HOAX." 

Watch Sheeran's performance of "Perfect" and the his full chat with Ellen below:

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