Watch Chris Martin Get Personal With Phil Dunphy On 'Modern Family'

Chris Martin of Coldplay, 2017
Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at Levi's Stadium on Oct. 4, 2017 in Santa Clara, Calif.

After seven years and nearly nine seasons, Phil Dunphy's (Ty Burrell) fledgling career as a real estate agent has paid off. On the latest episode ("Brushes With Celebrity?") of ABC's Modern Family Wednesday night (Nov. 29), the Dunphys and Pritchetts encounter celebrities in the most mundane places. But for Phil, mundane was beyond monumental: He got to show a house to his music hero, Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin.

We are talking about Phil Dunphy, though, so something had to go wrong. And it did. Phil got sick ("Oh my God, you've gone all yellow!" Chris says, concerned, before Phil laughs and jokes, "it's like your song") and tried as he might to fight it so he could spend as much time with Martin as possible, he passes out and ends up in the hospital. His downfall? "A massively inflamed testicle."

Before his demise, though, Phil and Martin share several memorable moments. 

In one clip, the show pokes fun at Martin's wardrobe. "I thought I'd be better looking," Martin says to Dunphy, distressed. "People think that because the rest of the band look like Hobbits." Martin is quickly re-energized by a rainbow flower sewn onto Phil's jeans, which Phil ultimately admits to embroidering them himself.

"Impressive," Martin notes. "When you're ready for it, you get a t-shirt, put on top of a long-sleeve. That lets everybody know, you wear multiple shirts."

Watch the full episode here.