Rita Ora Unrecognized by Judges After Surprise 'The Voice of Germany' Blind Audition Performance

Rita Ora, The Voice Germany
Courtesy Photo

Rita Ora on The Voice Germany

Rita Ora made a surprise appearance on the German edition of The Voice this weekend, posting as a young ingenue from London with dreams of a big music career. When the British songstress revealed her true identity, the response from the judges left both of them laughing. 

As the judges' backs were turned away from the stage, Ora launched into a pitch-perfect performance of her single "Your Song" (a top 20 hit in Germany earlier this year). The audience erupted in applause, as the judges were clearly impressed with the mystery singer's vocal ability. But when they all turned their chairs to see who that voice belonged to, none of them could believe it. 

After showering Ora with praise, they ask her her name and age before breaking out laughing at the fact that they didn't recognize her. 

"You're kidding us!" judge Yvonne Catterfeld said. "Just let me know: Are you a double?" 

Ora seemed unfazed by the doubts that it was really her. Once the judges caught on and realized what was happening, they expressed how honored they were to have her on the show. 

Watch the clip below. 

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