Howard Stern on Harvey Weinstein: 'When Did This Guy Have Time to Make Movies?'

ABC/Randy Holmes
Howard Stern on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Oct. 18, 2017 in Brooklyn. 

"There is no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked, and is going to get aroused," he also said during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday (Oct. 18).

Howard Stern made an appearance on day three of "Brooklyn Week" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday (Oct. 18) to share his thoughts on disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The veteran radio host did not pull any punches when it came to the movie mogul. "First of all, when did this guy have time to make movies?" he said, adding, "It's an unbelievable story."

Dozens of women — including Angelina Jolie, Lea Seydoux, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cara Delevingne — have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and in some instances, rape, since the release of a bombshell New York Times report on Oct. 5.

"This big fat guy, he goes [to these women], 'Listen, I'm going to get in the shower and I want you to watch me nude.' Now, I'm a man, if you saw me naked you'd throw up," he said. "There is no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked and is going to get aroused. If I was Harvey Weinstein, I'd wear a burka, and I'd say [instead], 'Listen, you don't have to look at me.' Who puts this logic together, right?"

He concluded, "The one thing women don't want to see is a man's penis. They want to see you've got a job, they want to see you treat them nice."  He also rehashed a bit from the previous night's show in which David Letterman told the story of how he sent Kimmel a box of ties — and Conan O'Brien a horse — Stern revealed that he, too, brought a gift for Kimmel. "This is all of my dirty laundry — all of my underwear, socks, t-shirts and even my thong," Stern explained. "You can pick through them, pick your favorites and wear them and whatever you don't take you can send back."

Stern, who is good friends with Kimmel and his wife Molly, repeatedly joked about being "miserable" on the show. He even jokingly declared, "I am announcing my retirement from [Kimmel's] show. This is my last appearance — this is the end." Stern previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2015. (For his part, Kimmel was a good sport, joking in his opening monologue that "Donald Trump was more excited to visit Puerto Rico — than Howard [was] about being on this show.")

Howard talked to Jimmy about how his long-running, eponymous radio show has evolved over the years. Agreeing with Kimmel's sentiments that it "has never been better," he said, "I feel very good about the show." Stern explained that his shift in 2006 from regular radio to satellite was beneficial. "I found [getting on satellite radio] to be very liberating. All of a sudden you have more time to spread out, you're able to spend an hour, hour and a half with people," he said.

As for his work philosophy, he said, "The most boring broadcasters are the ones that don't evolve. The show I did in my twenties and thirties is way different than what I'm doing now."

"When I was on regular radio, the great thing was, you go on, and sex and outrageousness was the thing," he said, explaining that at that time he would get fined, but "now penis comes out of my mouth and your mouth easy" he joked.

"Brooklyn Week" continues tomorrow with guests Billy Joel and Tracy Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.