3 Doors Down Is Channing Tatum's 'Kryptonite' on 'Ellen' Game of 'Trivia or Mystery Shot'

Courtesy of The Ellen Show
Channing Tatum plays Trivia or Mystery Shot on The Ellen Show.

"You're either going to be really smart or really drunk."

Channing Tatum stopped by Ellen's Show Me More Show for a YouTube-exclusive game of "Trivia or Mystery Shot" with host Andy Zenor.

The catch was that he’d have to down a mystery shot of water or vodka if he answered incorrectly -- naturally, the movie star stumped for his vodka brand, Born and Bred, which appears to come in potato flavor.

Zenor’s general-knowledge questions were humorously tied to Tatum’s filmography. At one point, the host said that many of Tatum’s movies have numbers in the title, like The Hateful Eight and 21 Jump Street. So, he asks, “What is 8 times 21?” Resigned, the actor answered, “I’m just gonna drink.” Luckily, Zenor joined him for a shot -- in every round. 

Tatum’s knowledge of rock smashes was given a workout when Zenor asked, “Which ‘90s band sings the song ‘Kryptonite?’” Although the correct answer was 3 Doors Down, the star made up a band called White Leopard.

But he redeemed himself when Zenor asks him to name one of Jupiter’s largest moons. Tatum got a point by answering “Europa.” Even though he got the answer right, Zenor took a shot anyway.

Watch Tatum’s boozy antics below.