Gal Gadot, Emma Watson & More Read Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Watch

Emma Watson, 2017
Courtesy Photo

Emma Watson reads 'Mean Tweets' on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel delivered one of the biggest and best editions of his “Mean Tweets” segment yet on Monday night (Sept. 25). The Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit featured Gal Gadot and Emma Watson, leading ladies of Wonder Woman and Beauty And The Beast, respectively, opening with a dose of unconstructive-criticism after absolutely killing it at the box office this year.

Gadot was immediately confused by the slang of her mean tweet, questioning, "imma, imma? I-M-M-A? Is that a word?" The entire tweet attempted to take a shot at the actress's perfect physique - and obviously failing - saying "gal gadot?????? imma be wondering why that woman got no titties," to which Gadot quickly replied, "They're here, they're here. Don't worry."  

Some stars opted to not feed the trolls with a response, as Jake Gyllenhaal and Elisabeth Moss responded with just a deadpan look to the camera. Gwyneth Paltrow could hardly keep it together when a Twitter user took aim at her Goop-related lifestyle products, and Jim Parsons similarly found it all-too-difficult to hold back a laugh when he was referred to as “a ventriloquist dummy that came to life to become a sex offender.”

Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Bell packed in the laughs when they jokingly agreed with their internet bullies, and Alec Baldwin took the chance to revive his Trump impression as he responded to Trump’s own mean tweet about him. Kumail Nanjiani wrapped up the segment in the most mature fashion possible, making an inappropriate mean tweet even worse by bringing up the user’s mom.

Watch the entire segment, below.