Tracee Ellis Ross' Perfect Sex Scene Would Be a Threesome With Rihanna & James Dean

Tracee Ellis Ross in Vogue's 73 Questions series
Courtesy of Vogue

Tracee Ellis Ross in Vogue's 73 Questions series.

That'd be hard to beat.

Tracee Ellis Ross definitely has some iconic taste. 

Speaking with Vogue for the magazine's "73 Questions" video segment, the Black-ish  star and daughter of Diana Ross admitted that winning a Golden Globe for best actress in a television series musical or comedy was the biggest surprise of her career. So, where does she keep it? Next to four different types of salt in her kitchen, of course. 

When asked to describe her home in three words, the bubbly actress exuded positivity said, "Warm. Safe. Fun." Meanwhile, she thinks the most overrated phrases in Hollywood are “curated” and “cold-pressed.”

But her most scandalous response? If she had to film a sex scene, who would be her partners? She said it would be a threesome with Rihanna and James Dean. You can't get more legendary than that. 

Watch the full segment below.