Chester Bennington's Appearance on 'Shahs of Sunset': Asa Soltan Explains Their 'Amazing' Instant Connection

Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Chester Bennington attends the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards - press room held at The Shrine Auditorium on May 1, 2014 in Los Angeles.  

The late Linkin Park frontman was a close friend of the reality star.

Last night’s (Sept. 10) episode of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset had a very surprising guest: late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. The episode was filmed at the end of last year at an art show hosted by Shahs star Asa Soltan. That appearance may seem unexpected, but Bennington’s bond with Soltan goes way back, with her considering him one of her closest friends. 

In the Shahs After Show, Soltan explained that her husband Jermaine and her met Bennington and his wife Talinda during a vacation in Maui. Their bond was instant. 

“Jermaine was away shooting pictures and I was like ‘I want to lay out.’ I was by myself with Talinda and Chester, and we just hit it off,” explains Sultan. “I was going to tell Jermaine ‘We should have dinner with these people. They’re leaving and they’re amazing. They’re so cool, you’re going to love them,’ I was waiting to tell him this, but he had gone to the gym after the shooting before I even could tell him this and Chester was like a fitness freak too. They were at the gym and [Jermaine] had connected with them. They were all kind of drawn to each other too. Isn’t that incredible? He was like ‘Oh my God, I met the two most wonderful people that you met at the pool. They were leaving that afternoon and they literally just changed their ticket. We explored the island together.’”  

Bennington even contributed a quote for Soltan’s book Golden: Empowering Rituals to Conjure Your Inner Priestess

Soltan also discussed her relationship with the Benningtons on Watch What Happens Live, expressing her gratitude for those who have shared their love for Bennington and his work after his death. 

Watch Soltan’s interviews on Shahs After Show and Watch What Happens Live below.