Michael Rapaport Has a Message for the Charlottesville Protestors: 'You Ain't S--t'

Maarten de Boer/Getty Images
Michael Rapaport photographed at the Winter 2014 TCA's on Jan. 13, 2014 in Los Angeles. 

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport had some words for the white nationalists who protested at the University of Virginia this past weekend.

On Saturday (Aug. 5) following Friday night’s Charlottesville rally, Rapaport took to Instagram to share a message to the protestors: “You ain’t s--t.”

Rapaport had some strong words for the “nerd protestors,” bringing attention to the fact that they were spending their Friday night at a “white lives matter” protest “carrying tiki torches that they got from Home Depot.” He said, “Don’t you have a f--king toga party to go to?”

Rapaport even name-dropped Ed Sheeran in his Instagram video saying, “If you were really trying to get it popping, you would’ve taken your little Ed Sheeran protest right over there to Virginia Beach or Newport News and you would’ve gotten your tiki torches stuffed up your ass.” 

Watch the full video below.


Tiki Torch Tough Guys take over the streets of Charlottesville,VA

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