Drake Bell Says There Are 'No Hard Feelings' Between Him & Josh Peck

Frazer Harrison/KCA2014/Getty Images
Josh Peck and Drake Bell attend Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards held at USC Galen Center on March 29, 2014 in Los Angeles. 

Earlier this summer nostalgic Nickelodeon fans were heartbroken when it was revealed that '00s comedy pals and stars of Drake & Josh were no longer on good terms, as Drake Bell took to Twitter to share that he was not invited to Josh Peck’s wedding.

Don’t be too sad, though, because on Saturday (July 29) Bell cleared up his comments in a Facebook Live with Entertainment Tonight saying there are “no hard feelings.”

The feud all started on June 18 when Bell realized on social media that he had not received an invite to Peck’s June 17 wedding, tweeting, “True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brother.”

Since fans were also hurt by the news, Bell explained to Entertainment Tonight why he reacted the way he did. He said, "We've been together 18 years, Josh and me, me and Josh. We've been so close, it was just one of those things where you know, I'd been talking to him, and he's been telling me about the engagement. And then I saw on social media, the wedding, and I didn't hear about it. So, it was just one of those things where it was just like, 'You didn't even tell me?! I had to find out on social media?' And then you're like, 'You know what!? Fine!’ … And then I'm like, wait, I probably shouldn't have done that.”

Now reflecting on what happened, Bell said he wishes he “had just texted that to [Peck]" because he "was just being cranky... It is what it is, dude. I love the kid. No hard feelings.”

With those thoughts aside, Bell explained that he would be more than willing to do a Drake & Josh reunion, saying, "I would love to do it. If there's time, if it's in our schedules and it's right, I would jump in it in a second.”

Please, brother! The world needs some Drake & Josh in 2017!