ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' Remake: Check out the Best Memes

Colt Prattes and Abigail Breslin in "Dirty Dancing."
ABC/Guy D'Alema

Colt Prattes and Abigail Breslin in Dirty Dancing.

Hips swiveled, romance lingered in the air and nobody put Baby in the corner when ABC's Dirty Dancing remake premiered Wednesday night (May 24).

A lot has changed in the 30 years since the dramatic dance classic hit theaters around the world, though the reboot stayed largely true to the original (except for that ending! And a few other details). 

Still set in the summer of 1963, the reboot starred Abigail Breslin as Jennifer Grey's beloved Baby Houseman character, with newcomer Colt Prattes taking on the dancing bad boy Johnny Castle, originally played by the late Patrick Swayze. 

But was it a good idea? And did the producers pull it off? Dirty Dancing trended throughout the night on Twitter, though not all fans were happy with the small screen version, many of who whipped up memes to express their feelings. Some called it a “mess” or a “disaster”. Others weren't so kind. Check out some of the most colorful memes below.