Watch Ellen Totally Forget Katy Perry Was Married to Russell Brand

When Katy Perry appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (May 16), Ellen renamed her “Who Would You Rather?” to “Will You Perry Me?”

In exchange for honest answers to her choices between a selection of famous men, from Chance the Rapper to Chris Pine, DeGeneres offered to make a $10,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club. But before the game started, Perry jokingly expressed some reservations.

“Do I have to get married... again?” she asked.

“You were not married!” DeGeneres responded in shock.

Perry then explained that she was married to comedian Russell Brand when she was 25. The pair wed in 2010, but divorced after 14 months.

“It’s been a long time, honey,” Perry told Ellen.

After jogging her memory, Perry added that Ellen gave her wedding gifts on the show a few years ago. She then made scissor motions with her hand to indicate that part of the interview should be cut from the show (but thanks for not listening, Ellen producers).

After the interaction, Perry was still up for “Will You Perry Me?,” and her favorite celebrities included Harry Styles and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Perry’s new album, Witness, comes out June 9.

Watch a clip from her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below: