Coming Around Again Podcast on 'The Simpsons': Discussing 30 Years of the Show's Best Musical Moments & Cameos

20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection
Pop Shop Podcast: The Simpsons

Welcome to the Coming Around Again podcast, the new member of the Pop Shop family, where host Andrew Unterberger and a variety of guests will be discussing notable anniversaries being celebrated in the music world.

This week, Coming Around Again praises 30 years of music on The Simpsons, which debuted as part of FOX's The Tracey Ullman Show three decades ago last week (Apr. 19). Its use of music, and appearances from figures within the musical world, was one of the many ways the show displayed its irreverent brilliance -- not only in its inspired usage of classic songs from pop history, but in its own original compositions, which were cleverly woven into the show's fabric over the years.

To talk about the decades of great music on The Simpsons -- particularly the show's first-ten-seasons prime -- Coming Around Again welcomes Ian Cohen, writer for Pitchfork and SPIN and a general Simpsons obsessive. Andrew and Ian break down The Simpsons' place in their own cultural histories, then run down their lists of the best musical moments and musician cameos in the show's history. Finally, they go deep on "Homerpalooza," the classic Simpsons episode that served as both a hilarious parody of mid-'90s alternative culture, and a sobering picture of what it's like to grow old as a rock fan.

Listen below, and be sure to check back every Thursday to see which classic artists, albums and songs are Coming Around Again!