Watch Louis C.K. Get Edgy (Again) on 'Saturday Night Live'

Courtesy of NBC
Louis CK during the opening monologue on Saturday Night Live on April 8, 2017.

Louis C.K. joked he'd never be invited back to host Saturday Night Live after his edgy routine in 2015 -- when he touched on topics including, but not limited to, pedophilia and racism -- but shows what he knew. The comedian returned for his fourth turn as SNL host in the April 8, 2017 episode.

Fresh off the release of his new Netflix special Louis C.K. 2017, the comedian doesn't pull any punches with his first monologue joke -- about a racist chicken. He transitions into more innocent animal territory with an uncharacteristically G-rated tangent about a dialogue between a giraffe and a horse -- "Hey horse! Look at my neck!" -- before swerving right back into classic Louis C.K. territory.

"I'm thinking of buying a goat. So I can have a trash can I can make love to."