Watch Chance the Rapper and Kenan Thompson Rap Their Love For Barack Obama

Kenan Thompson & Chance the Rapper
Caroline De Quesada/NBC

Kenan Thompson and Chance the Rapper during the "Jingle Barack" sketch on Saturday Night Live on Dec. 17, 2016 in New York City.

Musical guest Chance the Rapper and longtime Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson performed a Run-D.M.C.-style rap on Dec. 17's Christmas episode.

The pair said farewell to the Obama administration and cautioned friends to stockpile goodies including birth control, legal marijuana, and, for some reason, Home Alone DVDs, before Donald Trump takes office.

"It's the last Christmas that Barack's still here," they rapped. "It's the last Christmas before Trump next year."

As if their vocal stylings and Adidas track suits weren't compelling enough, Leslie Jone's Salt-N-Pepa-styled verse professing her love for Vice President Joe Biden took the whole pre-recorded segment to the next level. Watch below.

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