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Cardi B, Lil Jon & Steve Carrell Are Way Better Than Just 'OK' in Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial: Watch Full Ad

Cardi B
Courtesy Photo

Cardi B in Pepsi's Super Bowl LIII commercial.

On Monday (Jan. 28), Pepsi unveiled its highly anticipated Super Bowl LIII commercial, starring Cardi B, Steve Carell and Lil Jon.

The minute-long commercial begins in a sunny 1950s-themed diner, with a middle-aged woman asking a young waiter for a Coke, to which he asks, “Is Pepsi OK?” Carell immediately whips around and indignantly fires back, “Is Pepsi OK? Is Pepsi OK?” as he stands from his seat.

“Are puppies OK? Is a shooting star OK? Is the laughter of a small child OK?” Carell asks the bewildered waiter. Before he can answer, Carell snaps his hand so they’re role playing, with The Office alum wearing the waiter's uniform while the waiter is left in his undies.

The actor then asks the waiter to order something and cuts in before he gets to respond, “You will have an ice-cold glass of the best thing you’ve ever tasted -- OK?” As Carell then gives the waiter pointers on how to sell the “More Than OK” fizzy drink, he points to some friends for help who have their own signature “OKs.”

“OH-KAY!” Lil Jon says from behind the counter, with his iconic delivery of the simple word.

“O-kurrrr,” Cardi B purrs as she enters the building wearing a silver bedazzled dress and long locks.

She joins the woman in her booth holding a bedazzled can of Pepsi as Carell drives home what drink the customer wants. “I want a Pepsi,” the woman says, hypnotized by the silly confidence of the female MC.

Carell then tries to emulate Lil Jon and Cardi’s “OKs” without much success. “I’ve gotta come up with my own catch phrase,” he laments.

See the Pepsi commercial in full below.