Super Bowl

Best & Worst Super Bowl 2018 Commercials

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman
Courtesy Photo

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice.

You already know the Eagles won the Super Bowl -- or if you didn't, btw, the Patriots didn't win this one -- but who won the Super Bowl of commercials?

Below, Billboard picks the 10 best and five worst commercials of the night -- oh, and an honorary mention for saddest because we just didn't know how to feel about this one.


Doritos & Mountain Dew, "Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE"

This one was perfectly cast, with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage and perennial God portrayer Morgan Freeman spitting the peerless rhymes of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, respectively. We call this one a draw.

Amazon, "Alexa Loses Her Voice"

Another great group of cameos, but our favorite had to be Rebel Wilson setting the mood from her jacuzzi and Cardi B refusing to play country music in favor of her own "Bodak Yellow."

NBC Sports, "Best of U.S."

There were a few of these, all hyping up NBC's coverage of the upcoming Winter Olympics, but our favorite was the one about Lindsey Vonn's epic comeback.

Lexus, "Black Panther"

Lexus had the good fortune (or the brilliant marketing acumen) to team up with the most-anticipated movie of the year for this stylish spot.

Toyota, "Good Odds"

This wins for emotional highlight of the night, telling the story of Paralympian Lauren Woolstencraft.

M&M's, "Danny DeVito"

This ad works right off the bat because of course the human equivalent of an M&M is Danny DeVito. It's the role he was born to play.

Tide, "It's a Tide Ad"

This was a perfect spoof of the typical Super Bowl commercials while also making a statement about women always being featured in the majority of detergent ads. Stranger Things actor David Harbour nailed it.

Rocket Mortgage, "Keegan-Michael Key & Big Sean"

We wish Big Sean popped up in our backseat when we put "Bounce Back" on the stereo.

NFL, "Touchdown Celebrations to Come"

Football players doing the Dirty Dancing lift is never a bad idea.

Tourism Australia, "Dundee"

We're disappointed this isn't a real movie, but at least it's a great commercial. I mean, can Australia make this movie actually happen?


Ram Trucks, "Built to Serve"

Anyone who thinks using Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice to posthumously sell trucks is a good idea has clearly never signed on to Twitter.

Bud Light, "The Bud Knight"

If this is what the divisive "dilly, dilly" ads have led to, hopefully this is the campaign's finale.

T-Mobile, "Little Ones"

We love the cute babies and the message is an important one -- but why is this a T-Mobile ad? 

Pringles, "Wow"

What a waste of Bill Hader.

Groupon, "Who Wouldn't"

Speaking of wasting talent... how did this go wrong? Hearing that Tiffany Haddish was teaming up with Groupon after her viral appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- where she told an incredible story about taking Will Smith and Jada Pinkett on a Groupon swamp tour -- seemed like the perfect pairing of company and spokeswoman. But what came from it was so mediocre. (Tiffany was still charming, as always.)


Kia, "Feel Something Again"

So the CGI on this is amazing, and rewinding to young Steven Tyler is a visual marvel, but what a depressing concept that the Aerosmith frontman needs to take a car in reverse back to his glory days. He's done plenty to be proud of since the 1970s too.

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