Super Bowl

Peter Dinklage Spits Busta Rhymes, Morgan Freeman Raps Missy Elliott In Fiery Super Bowl Commercial

The rap battle of the 21st century arrived at Super Bowl LII when Peter Dinklage faced off against Morgan Freeman. Dinklage spit flames delivering Busta Rhymes’ tongue-twisting verse from Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” (to promote Doritos Blaze) and Freeman was cold as ice rapping Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” (to rep for Mountain Dew Ice). Rhymes and Elliott even popped up on the commercial to bless the proceedings, appearing as moving portraits hanging on the wall.

“It's an incredible moment and I'm definitely proud of it. I think it's the hottest commercial on the planet,” Busta told Billboard about the spot. “I feel that it's one of the best commercials in Super Bowl history…. Our culture of hip-hop is being properly represented. It's a great bag of energy and vibes. I loved doing it -- the experience on the set was incredible and watching people's energy over it was even more fulfilling for me. I'm basking in the moment.”

Watch below.

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