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Super Bowl LI Commercials: The Best (and Worst) Commercials of 2017

Justin Bieber in T-Mobile commercial #UnlimitedMoves
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Justin Bieber in T-Mobile commercial for #UnlimitedMoves

Justins Bieber and Timberlake were great, as were most of the attempts at social commentary. Romanticizing bathroom breaks? Maybe less so. Check out the 10 best and 5 worst commercials during Super Bowl LI:


T-Mobile: Tapping Justin Bieber as a "celebration expert" sells itself -- adding Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens into the mix makes for some extra giggles, but the sight of the Biebs spinning giddily around is enough to hold our attention.

Bai: You know that feeling when you're watching Christopher Walken dramatically read something, and then you realize, "Oh my goodness, those are the 'Bye Bye Bye' lyrics"? That's a very good feeling.

Avocados From Mexico: No Illuminati riff is complete without some subliminal messaging, and the "EAT. THEM." split-second was the first LOL-worthy moment of the Super Bowl telecast.

AirBNB: Part 1 of the Super Bowl Trump subtweet: an ad that declares that "We all belong," regardless of who you worship. Extra points for focusing solely on its message of inclusivity; only the AirBNB logo appeared at the end.

Anheuser-Busch: Part 2 of the Super Bowl Trump subtweet: a commercial that reminds us that our most recognizable beer would not exist without… an immigrant coming to America! Subtle, in the best way.

Buick: Cutest image of the entire Super Bowl experience: watching Cam Newton gleefully chest-bump a bunch of pee-wee football players. And hey, Miranda Kerr makes her Super debut!

Kia: Watching Melissa McCarthy try to save whales, trees and the polar caps -- and spectacularly failing to do so? Sign us up. Even though her SNL impersonation of Sean Spicer was even better, we'll take new Melissa comedy wherever we can get it.

Tiffany's: Hearing Lady Gaga describe the power of rebellion, identity and creativity ahead of her splashy halftime performance made for an understated yet surprisingly effective experience. Amidst the sizzle and zaniness, this black-and-white clip stood out.

Honda: We're not sure what the tagline "Here's to chasing dreams" has to do with Honda CR-Vs, but the celebrity yearbook gag hit the right note (even if a clarinet-toting Jimmy Kimmel did not).

Stranger Things Season 2: Ads for The Fate of the Furious, Logan and Baywatch were all solid, but the best movie preview wasn't for a movie at all. Season 2 of Stranger Things is bringing back into the Upside Down -- can Halloween get here already?


GoDaddy: A guy playing The Internet… but from (seemingly) many years ago? Word to Rick Astley, but does GoDaddy know that rick-rolling and the ice bucket challenge haven't been things for a while?

Turbotax: Watching a Humpty Dumpty as a giant British egg-man oozing yellow puss in a hospital bed is not exactly the best way to spend your Super Bowl snack time.

Febreze: An ad that declares "I love you, halftime bathroom break" is perhaps the least romantic Super Bowl spot ever. Slow-motion shots of people lowering themselves onto their respective toilets? I love you, bathroom break during this Febreze ad.

Sprint: Why is a guy faking his own death in front of his two children because of his phone plan? Can we agree that this a pretty strange scenario.

Wendy's: Hearing Foreigner during the Super Bowl is an enjoyable experience, but staring at a locker full of gross frozen burger patties is maybe not the best way to sell fast food.

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